How might we imagine sustainable, healthy and empowering solutions for people eating out?
Future Food Institute (philanthropic project born from the experience of You Can Group) in partnership with an academic partner of excellence Alma Graduate School in Villa Guastavillani a Bologna, gives life to a second moment of “disruptive innovation” dedicated to food services, in which 120 students, professors, international mentors, experts and entrepreneurs will work together to create innovative solutions, prototypes and business ideas. With the only aim of generating a positive impact both economically and socially, with great focus towards the topics of sustainability and health as well as design, culture, territory and “made in Italy”. future Food Institute Alma Graduate School


Mix different ingredients together. Transform them through a process of meeting, in which it is the context, the container that triggers the change. Every culture has a peculiar way to cook vegetables (the skills) through a specific cooking technique (the context). Starting from the culinary metaphor we are planning a speed hacking model, literally “mixed rice”. Bibimbap introduces a speed hacking model based on a 4 step process: collect, peel, chop, cook.)


A real marathon of 48 hours with the objective of examining, innovating and changing the well-established paradigms of the way people eat at away from home [canteen and business services, school canteens, airports, stations, hospitals and trains]. A model of human centered innovation which will follow the CPCC method.
The “game” will be led by keywords such as green, design, food and tech. This will trigger a two-day brainstorming exercise which will end with the creation of projects aiming at innovating the traditional paradigms and to a building a new possible future in this sector.


Speaker, Guest and Mentors

stay tuned! They will be online from May 6th

Event steering committee

  • Gianni Lorenzoni

    president of Alma Graduate School

  • Simone Ferriani

    professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Bologna and Honorary Visiting Professor of Cass Business School London)

  • Ludovica Leone

    MBA Food & Wine Track Director

  • Rebecca Chesney

    Research Coordinator



Download the program and the logistic information (pdf)

Knowledge Partner

Institute for the future

Thanks to

  • Ama graduate School
  • #Wcap
  • IFTF
  • Istituto Imprenditori Italia
  • City of Food is Bologna
  • future food tech
  • Food Tech Connect
  • Alce Nero
  • You can group
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